An Innovation Roadmap.
Providing a comprehensive framework to innovate and improve experiences and services for Californians

The California Department of Technology (CDT), in consultation with the Office of Data & Innovation (ODI), has embarked on a journey to revolutionize how the State serves its residents.

The State of California’s digital strategy sets the stage by providing a comprehensive framework for all levels of California Government and education systems to innovate using technology to improve experiences and services for their residents. It serves as a blueprint that will shape the digital future of the State, leveraging innovative technology and humancentric design to make public services more accessible, efficient, and responsive to the needs of Californians.

Core values

The following core values drive the State’s Digital Strategy:

1. Comitting to Digital Services

The State recognizes that the digital transformation of its services is not just about technology but, more importantly, about using technology to improve the delivery and accessibility of services to Californians. The State should consider digital options first for service delivery.

2. Sustaining an Innovation Culture

The State is committed to fostering a culture of innovation, continuously exploring, and adopting new and better service delivery methods. This commitment to innovation extends not just to technology but also to processes, systems, and partnerships.

3. Putting Californians first

The State is committed to ensuring its digital transformation efforts focus on Californians' needs, experiences, and contexts. This involves designing technology solutions that are intuitive, user-friendly, and responsive to the diverse needs of Californians. Californians should be involved throughout the design of new services and solutions, and direct user feedback considered as part of any technology operations plan.

4. Developing meaningful partnerships across the State

Recognizing that digital transformation is a collaborative endeavor, the State is committed to fostering strong, productive partnerships with other departments. These partnerships are critical to harnessing the collective expertise, resources, and perspectives necessary for a successful digital transformation.

By adhering to these values, the State of California ensures that its digital strategy is both technologically advanced and resident-focused, innovative, and collaborative. These values serve as the crux of the strategy, guiding the State's efforts to transform its digital services for the benefit of all Californians.


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Streamline access to government services.


Adapt and grow with our diverse residents to meet their current needs and future expectations.


Empower government work and decision-making with data, evidence, and information.

About this strategy

This strategy, including the action items in the table above, have the capacity to bring about fundamental transformation in the delivery of services by the State of California, making them more accessible, effective, and equitable. Through innovation, residents will have simplified access to government services, while State departments will be empowered to utilize data to improve efficiency and effectiveness. More than just a strategy, this document is a commitment to accelerate California’s robust innovation culture to better meet Californian’s needs now, and in the future.

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